Hedonskate Team: Hawktown 2 Edit

At the beginning of past decade, in a small, southern town of Poland – Jastrzębie Zdrój – the blade scene was flourishing. One of the best thing about that scene was lack of any kind of division between bladers. Having pair of skates (not necessary the aggressive ones) and regular attendance at local spot place called a “skatepark” was enough to be part of a crew and have a chance to learn from the best bladers from that area. Such approach let youngsters to progress quite fast under the “supervision” of older, more experienced colleagues like the legend of Silesia blade scene – Radek “Radzisz” Targański. That`s how Krystian Zarzeczny (Gufi), Łukasz Malewski (Bidet) and Przemek Madej got to know each other.

Today the guys are living in Katowice and represent Hedonskate.com, thanks to which they can still travel, skate and hang out together. About 1,5 year ago when they started to be kind of distinctive bladers in Poland, they came up with the idea of marking their roots and long term friendship by releasing collective video edits called Hawktown Crew.

Today we have a pleasure to present next video in a series!

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East Side Jam 2012 – Summary

East Side Jam 2012 - Winners


1. Przemysław Madej (Hedonskate, USD)
2. Łukasz Malewski (Hedonskate, Xsjado)
3. Tomasz Przybilik (Hedonskate, USD)

Best Trick: Jakub Małecki (USD)

Edit#1: East Side Jam 2012 (edit by sensi&.)
Edit#2: East Side Jam 2012 Lublin HD
Edit#3 (Official): EasiSideJam edit by Sadi

Pics by Piotr Gackiewicz

Mistrzejowice Cup – Gallery

Mistrzejowice Cup

Inmag.info posted a gallery from the last weekend contest – Mistrzejowice Cup. Check the article and the photos by Wojciech Makula.

Mistrzejowice Cup – Results

Mistrzejowice Cup - Winners

Congarts to Kuba Olejarz (Hedonskate, Xsjado) and Łukasz Malewski (Hedonskate, Xsjado) for taking the podium during Mistrzejowice Cup in Cracov. Full story coming soon tomorrow!

1. Kuba Olejarz (Hedonskate)
2. Łukasz Malewski (Hedonskate)
3. Bartek Zgrzeblak

1. Michał Szczyrbowski
2. Karol Byrski
3. Łukasz Piwowarski

1. Kacper Nosek
2. Mikołaj Wiercioch
3. Sebastian Dzbik

Hedonskate in Warsaw

Skaters: Josh Glowicki, Fritz Peitzner, Przemek Madej, Lukasz Malewski, Krystian Zarzeczny, Kuba Olejarz, Mirek Ragan, Grazyna Wratny, Tomek Przybylik.

Filmed by Przemek Madej, Canis Latrans and more.
Edited by Przemek Madej.

Music: Audio Bullys – London Dreamer.