Team: Marcin Kopiec – USA Report #7

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“…I will focus on 4 most important things that happened since my last update…”

1. Razors Warehouse Spot – I managed to score really nice session here – pretty much everybody have seen those grind-boxes 1000 times, but the thing is they are not so easy! Quite high, short, slippy approach and landing. I imagined that spot way different that it really is. Anyway after some struggle I got few clips that I`m happy with!

2. Jon Julio – After skating the Razors boxes for 2 hours, my companions Russel and Darron disappeared. The whole place is not so big, they didn`t tell me that they were taking off so I was a little bit confused. Suddenly Jon Julio comes in and says “hello” … what a

3. Slomo. When people at my hostel realized I`m a blader, they told me stories about that one guy Slowmo – I had seen his documentary video, yet I didn`t expect to get to know him in person. Fortunately it`s not so hard to meet him here – they guy is amazing, spreading super positive influence! He was under huge impression that he met somebody from Poland. My friend Matt laced a rail nearby just to show him what`s up with aggressive skates!

4. In and Out – incredible fast food – another reason why I should stay in California. Best place to eat here according to locals!


Anyway, there is a contest coming up on Saturday which will be my last weekend in San Diego. On Monday I`m heading to New York and than back to Poland :(