5`er: Piotr Combrzyński

1. Few weeks ago you opened your own shop in Warsaw – how do you came up with the idea? Will it also carry gear for aggressive skating?

The idea to open the store has been in my head for a long time – in college, I always tried to incorporate blading in my projects. Also I always missed the place where you can try on or ask about skates in Warsaw. It took a little time before everything was formed but the store has just started! Currently the offer is mainly directed to fitness, recreation and freeskate yet I`m working on expanding it all the time.

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5`er: Sebastian Michalski (NYC)

1. I come across your edit on IrollNY and it immediately caught my attention – tell us few words about yourself, have you ever lived in Poland and moved to USA or you just have polish roots?

My name is Sebastian Michalski, I’m 24 years old, live in Staten Island, New York, have been skating for 12 years and most of them on USD Thrones. I was born in Jaslo, Poland and lived there for about 8 years before moving to the United States. Continue reading

5`er: Maciej Malicki

1. Introduce yourself!

My name is Maciej Malicki. I am 28 years old. I live in Warsaw. I have a higher technical education. I’m interested in developing the study of materials and machine parts. Blah blah blah. I have been skating for 14 years.

2. Where did the idea for your own frames come from?

The idea came from the needs. I wanted to blade faster without losing control when performing tricks. The frames available on the market simply did not meet my expectations.

3. How the first frame prototypes performed?

The first prototype frames came out pretty weird, but it was the effect of minimizing the cost of implementation of the setup.

The results were positive enough to make another prototype, this time with commonly used solutions. The outcome was a prototype setup, which was then checked by Piotr Combrzyński at the skatepark in Piaseczno. According to Piotrek the frames are actually cool. You get the speed ​​ that is somewhere between powerblading and aggressive while tricks locked well. Piotr pointed out few important things – the size of the groove need to be adjusted, and the side walls caught the ground with sharp turns. Some cracks appeared on the side walls, but it was expected – the first prototypes were just cut from cutting board plastic. They were used only to check how the frames “feel”.

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5`er: Iain Mcleod

1. How the co-operation between you and Quinn went? Is it different to shoot with such gear and all that background preparation before each clip?

Iain Mcleod Pro Skate from Razors

Filming with Quinn was cool overall.  I have been friends with, and skated with Quinn for many years now, so Quinn knows my skating and what tricks I am capable of.  A lot of the tricks I was super lazy/unsure of attempting.  He would motivate me when needed to try them, so sometimes it helped in getting shit done I wouldn’t normally try.  It can be annoying sometimes having to wait to set-up so much equipment just for one clip.  A lot of times when I try a dangerous trick I just like to try it right away, commit 100% so I don’t have to keep trying it several times and end up dying.  Haha.  I don’t like waiting.  Also, I had a lot of the tricks planned out beforehand.  I would try to get juiced mentally to do a tricks in the car ride to the spot.  So, when you have to wait for a 20-30 minute set-up its difficult to wait.  The 2 examples of tricks I’m thinking of happened was the 180 roll-in trick, was filmed during a weekday at school so it was sketchy having all the people around.  Also, the top mistrial it was getting dark so I was stressing on filming it as quick as possible.  It’s also more pressure having a lot of set-up you feel like you have to lace your tricks I guess, so you don’t waste everyones time hah! Continue reading

5`er: Marco Sichau (Shred Cologne)

1. Shred Cologne 2013 in a few words – how it was improved this year?

Marco Sichau - the man behind the "Shred Cologne"

It was definitively the biggest thing I ever managed so far. We had a new visitor’s record with more than 450 visitors from 12 different nations in there, what makes us proud. Because of the huge support from the sponsors we were able to build many additional obstacles like the “big mama” Hedonskate obstacle and of course we had more prizes and money for the winners. We improved so much stuff. The tradeshow and the sideshow skatepark were even bigger compared to 2012. We also tried to put more love into details like in the whole look of the event. Everything got its own color & style like black ramps, the shred merchandise, every media content and so on…


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5`er: Joey Egan

1. You have recently visited New York, right? How is the scene there comparing to the one in UK ? 

Joey Egan (Kaltik)

Yes, I was there for the GTK Tour – New York to San Diego in 10 days. The scene in New York is soo big – Ray Mendez, John Ortiz, Tom Hyser, Ryan Jacklone doing so much to support the younger in our sport by running skate schools – that’s how we grow!!!

Much the same for the UK as well. People like Scott Quinn, Jenna Downing holding it up for the UK kids scene both in their own ways. Whether it would be just hanging out and chat or at school and teaching – and that’s how it should be!

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5`er: Scott Quinn

1. What’s the deal with Rollkings.com – is it a shop, crew, company? Are you behind it ?

Yea Rollkings.com is an online shop, I have worked closely with the owner Stu Kinghorn over the years helping to organised events and push Scottish rollerblading in the right direction.

Scott Quinn (Razors)

2. Tell us more about the Unit 23 park, I guess it has been upgraded lately? How was the Unit 23 Open contest?

Unit 23 is my home and hangout spot, it is forever evolving and getting bigger and better, would strongly advise anyone that hasn’t been to come pay us a visit the Unit 23 Open was amazing this year, so happy with how it went and by far the best open comp so far. Already making big plans for next year!

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