5`er: Sebastian Michalski (NYC)

1. I come across your edit on IrollNY and it immediately caught my attention – tell us few words about yourself, have you ever lived in Poland and moved to USA or you just have polish roots?

My name is Sebastian Michalski, I’m 24 years old, live in Staten Island, New York, have been skating for 12 years and most of them on USD Thrones. I was born in Jaslo, Poland and lived there for about 8 years before moving to the United States.

2. Few cents about the NYC blade scene today – are there a lot people blading regularly? How is the vibe right now?

The blade scene in NYC is not as big as it used to be but since the opening of many skateparks throughout the boroughs I’d see new bladers every time I go out to these parks. There is a more relaxed vibe to just skate, not going from spot to spot getting a few tricks in before getting kicked out, which is really fun as well. 

3. Any news about Kore brand? (the new skate manufacturer from NYC)

Kore seems to be pretty quiet about their plans and I don’t have a connection with them so I don’t know anymore than anyone else but I’ve heard just recently that Trevor Johnson was put on the team and he is an amazing skater so they’re lucky to have him.

4. Are you aware about polish scene in general, are you following what is happening here or have any fav polish bladers?

I’m pretty aware there is a large scene in Poland, I figured it out when I was on vacation to my hometown, Jaslo. I was only 15 years old and was taken by my friend who ironically skateboarded, to an old pool with ledges and a few rollerbladers showed up. It was long ago so I forgot their names, sorry, but I know one of them was flow for Razors so that’s when I realized rollerblading must be big here. Other than that, I see edits coming out of Poland all the time and they’re destroying spots as much as anywhere else.

5. If you would have to recommend a few good spots in NYC for visitors, what would it be?

Some good placed to go in NYC would be either to start at battery park, it’s the lowest part of Manhattan, and skate up, hitting up street spots and skate-parks on the way and by the time you get to midtown, you’ll be done for the day. The globe in Queens is another good place to go as it has every type of spot you would want to skate, from curve ledges to kink rails to a skatepark. All within a 5 minute skate.

Pics by Craig Benabu