Events: Rzeszów Concrete Madness – Results

1. Tomek Przybylik (Hedonskate, Remz, Intruz, Orion)
2. Krystian Zarzeczny (Hedonskate, Razors, Intruz)
3. Piotrek Combrzyński (Hedonskate, Razors, I Love Rolki)

1. Paweł Zalejski
2. Bartosz Kidacki
3. Piotrowski Michal

1. Siejewicz Filp
2. Roczniok Aleks
3. Mateusz Majczak

5`er: Piotr Combrzyński

1. Few weeks ago you opened your own shop in Warsaw – how do you came up with the idea? Will it also carry gear for aggressive skating?

The idea to open the store has been in my head for a long time – in college, I always tried to incorporate blading in my projects. Also I always missed the place where you can try on or ask about skates in Warsaw. It took a little time before everything was formed but the store has just started! Currently the offer is mainly directed to fitness, recreation and freeskate yet I`m working on expanding it all the time.

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Team: Piotr Combrzyński got nice frames to test!

Check the crazy frames sample created by Maciej Malinek from Warsaw. The frame is combination of powerblading and anti-rocker features, based on metal core and sidewalls. Piotr Combrzyński got the first sample for tests, we will soon see how they perform!


Be-mag: Piotr Combrzyński Interview posted a nice interview with Piotr Combrzyński (Hedonskate, Razors). You will find out more about latest Piotrek`s injury and his recovery, his approach to powerblading or simply what he is up to recently!


Hedonskate Spotted: Neue – Full Russian Online Video

Neue – the newest online video from Russia features few clips of Piotrek Combrzyński (Hedonskate, Razors). This video is a project implemented by a group of like-minded people and it offers a look at rollerblading through the prism of the director’s perception of Rodion Korneev.

Filmed in the following cities: Moscow, Kiev, Krasnoyarsk, Magnitogorsk, Tyumen, Perm, Sergiev Posad, Almaty, Barcelona, the video contains sections of Dmitriy Tipikin, Kirill Galushko, Grisha Mikhalitsyn, Arseniy Svinarenko and Andrey Zaytsev.