Team: Marcin Kopiec on Tour #1

Przemek Górczyk (USD) / Top Porn

Few days ago Marcin Kopiec (Hedonskate, USD, has started his very “own” Tour around Poland! This post starts our small update series so you can check how it goes! After the contest in Tczew, Marcin heads to Wroclaw: 

“…We spent 2 days in Wroclaw, where Adam Olejniczak (Rollerblade) decided to join us. First session was a massive success. We went through 4 different spots and got few first clips for upcoming sequel of last year`s “Wymiatacze”. Due to rain we were forced to spent whole next day at the local park Zajezdnia. Today we are in Warsaw to check the grand opening of new Bladeville front store and we count for better weather of course. We are planning to stay in Warsaw for the whole next week!