5`er: Piotr Combrzyński

1. Few weeks ago you opened your own shop in Warsaw – how do you came up with the idea? Will it also carry gear for aggressive skating?

The idea to open the store has been in my head for a long time – in college, I always tried to incorporate blading in my projects. Also I always missed the place where you can try on or ask about skates in Warsaw. It took a little time before everything was formed but the store has just started! Currently the offer is mainly directed to fitness, recreation and freeskate yet I`m working on expanding it all the time.

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5`er: Scott Quinn

1. What’s the deal with Rollkings.com – is it a shop, crew, company? Are you behind it ?

Yea Rollkings.com is an online shop, I have worked closely with the owner Stu Kinghorn over the years helping to organised events and push Scottish rollerblading in the right direction.

Scott Quinn (Razors)

2. Tell us more about the Unit 23 park, I guess it has been upgraded lately? How was the Unit 23 Open contest?

Unit 23 is my home and hangout spot, it is forever evolving and getting bigger and better, would strongly advise anyone that hasn’t been to come pay us a visit the Unit 23 Open was amazing this year, so happy with how it went and by far the best open comp so far. Already making big plans for next year!

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Incomings: Razors Fabio Enes Pro

Fabio Enes put the Cult skate back where it belongs: on Pro level. The Cult boot was for years the choice for many of the top skaters of the world and was the basis for many bestsellers such as the Cream or Shima 1 and 2.

Today a growing number of riders rediscovered this boot because of its slim shape, light weight and tight fit which gives you perfect control over the skate.

The Fabio Pro comes with GC Featherlite 2 frames, a Razors liner with extensive padding and a replaceable soul frame and backslide plate.

Incomings: Razors Genesys Junior 2013

Razors’ 2013 Genesys Junior skate is completely re-designed and comes with even more components from professional skates. The padding of the liner was increased by 50 % and it now features the same construction and legendary heel support as Razors adult skates. Also the buckle receiver was changed to the ones of pro models and the skate now comes with 56 mm wheels for faster speeds and a smoother riding experience. Continue reading

Incomings: Razors Humble 6.1 backpack

Just in time for the holidays Razors is releasing a new edition of our popular Humble backpack. The Humble 6.1 is the perfect day pack for all your belongings and is big enough to fit a school binder. Additional features are a skate holder in the front, a large main compartment, front pocket, media port, mesh side pockets, padded back, articulated, pre-shaped shoulder straps and high end Polyester and rip-stop materials.


  • strong rip stop fabrics
  • media port
  • skate holder
  • Razors embroidery and print on side
  • articulated, pre-shaped shoulder straps
  • mesh side pockets
  • padded back

Dimensions: 14″ (W) x 19″ (H) x 7.5″ (D) (35 x 48 x 19 cm )

Razors: Iain McLeod Pro Skate

Underestimated, sometimes. Underrated, maybe. Out-skated, never. Iain McLeod has been on a professional level for what seems like forever. 2 pro skates, 3 pro frames, 3 pro wheels… and counting. Always a leader in both the tech and stunt aspects of blading, his ability to land some of the largest gaps, grind near impossible rails, and progress the ledge game further than few could have dreamed, continues to amaze anyone who’s seen him skate. When asked how he does it, he simply smiles and says ‘practice.’ Fact is, within the 16 years he’s been on blades, you can probably count the number of days Iain hasn’t skated on both hands. This kid loves blading and his skating deserves -scratch that- demands respect.

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Razors Silhan SL Pro

France is one of the leading markets for rolling and home to some of the best skaters and most amazing skate spots in the world. We were surprised to learn that no French skater ever received a pro skate from a company. Razors is proud to change this and pay respect where respect is due. And probably no one deserves it more than a skater who’s been skating strong for over 15 years, has been admired for his flawless style and did more for the community than many other pro skaters by opening his own distribution company and organizing world class events and tours: Mathias Silhan.

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Hedonskate spotted: Razors Team in Moscow (Edit)

The newest Razors Podcasts features our rider Piotrek Combrzyński (Hedonskate, Razors) and again our good friends Josh and Fritz spreading the word about Hedonskate as usual!! Watch the edit to see what went down during the season opening in Russia.