Interview: Vincent Morretino

1. Please introduce yourself, where you from are and what are you been up to lately.
My name is Vincent Morretino. I live in the heart of the Midwest of the United States in Indianapolis, Indiana. What have I been doing lately? Just trying to be the best husband and father that I can be (plenty of room for improvement), and staying busy with work as a graphic designer, photographer (photojournalism, commercial property, portraits and weddings) and now video production work.

2. Most people may know you more as Fast-Eddie from Be-mag Message Board – if you would need to describe Be-mag board in few sentences – what would it be?  How long are you active member of this board?

The Be-Mag message board was implemented to provide a place for people to transcend time zones and cultural differences to talk about all things rollerblading. Like many online forums and communities, the temptation that anonymity offers users to voice their pent-up negativity as loud as they possibly can is incredibly powerful, and it’s an easy trap to fall into. Admiral Ackbar warned me; he warned us all.

I’m actually quite ashamed that most people would know me as Fast-Eddie from the Be-Mag message board, but there it is; that’s how most people know me.

I’d like to think I contributed something to rollerblading through the message board in the 10 years that I have been a registered user, and I suppose that I did with Balance and the 30+ edits. But, I was a spiteful and falsely arrogant asshole to many people online that I did not agree with, or felt threatened by, and I had too much pride to admit that other people’s opinions are valid even if they are not in line with mine.

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Hedonskate Events: Nils Jansons Invitational – GGFEST 2013

Are you still hesitating to visit this year`s Ghetto Games (Latvia) and Nils Jansons Invitational? Check what the man himself Nils Jansons has to tell You!

1. Tell us about the Ghetto Games – why this year`s edition will be special as far as rollerblading part is concerned?

So yeah, it’s all happening during 8-11th August in Ventspils, Latvia. Same as last year we are expecting many high class bladers from whole world. It was special last year, it’s gonna be special this year and every year after, because it’s just special- it’s happening in small beautiful city next to the sea in west side of Latvia and during the festival all city is filled with awesome people from all around. We got super sick concrete outdoor skatepark which is gonna have upgrades and everything else to make this comp to be on your top 3 events during summer. Blading contest is taking place during Friday and Saturday. And all kind of activities, chill outs gonna be happening all around city during the weekend. Continue reading