5`er: Piotr Combrzyński

1. Few weeks ago you opened your own shop in Warsaw – how do you came up with the idea? Will it also carry gear for aggressive skating?

The idea to open the store has been in my head for a long time – in college, I always tried to incorporate blading in my projects. Also I always missed the place where you can try on or ask about skates in Warsaw. It took a little time before everything was formed but the store has just started! Currently the offer is mainly directed to fitness, recreation and freeskate yet I`m working on expanding it all the time.

2. Warsaw is still one of the most “undiscovered” cities in Poland in terms of spots – once the cradle of Polish blade scene – now almost completely dead. What do you think is the reason? Is there a chance to change it?

Unfortunately, the old crews disappeared over the years (work, family, injuries). Over the 16 years that I have been skating I saw plenty of people come and go. Warsaw continues to grow and rebuilds itself constantly resulting in new spots but also larger distances between them. Bladers have problems with getting from one end of the city to another just to skate together.. Lack of “session” spots. Fortunately, I recently noticed the return of some OG bladers and new faces popping out too, which makes me very happy. The last Hedonskating #5 Session in Piaseczno showed that there is a healthy scene. I will definitely make such sessions a regular thing. 

3. I noticed that you work a lot with “I love Rolki” project – are there any plans to expand these workshops with “aggressive” part?

“I love Rolki” is an initiative to promote various disciplines of rollerblading, which I really support. The plan of expansion the workshops with some “aggressive”part have been already set. So far we conducted it at the Warsaw National Stadium, and thanks to
courtesy of the stadium operator, we had the elements of winter underground skatepark for our disposal. As for the next events we are quite heavily dependent on the infrastructure of the area, where it will take place … in the future will have our own mobile
obstacles. Currently, the “aggressive” part is taken care by me and Tomek Przybylik.

4. In 2014 You went back to Razors Genesys – is there a specific reason why not Razors SL`s?

Yes – Backslide plate. When skating in SL I can`t go really low on groove tricks (you can do it to a certain point and then the frame lifts to much). Genesys BSplate is mounted at the right angle and slightly closer to the skate.

5. What can we still expect from You in this season? Lots of people are waiting for continuation of your Bristol edit. Are there any plans to cooperate with Canislatrans again?

Ever since I opened a shop I will not have so much time on trips as I would like but I will try to get back to shape and participate more actively in “blade” life! And yes – I`m planning a trip to Bristol (you can guess why!). Besides, I will be visiting Rzeszów more frequently.