Team: Mihai Militaru – We Tour – Update #2

“…We are on tour for almost 3 weeks, traveling by bus through the whole Romania. You can make your own schedule during the trip: you can blade, you can party, you can visit. You can do anything you want and you choose what and when to do it!
We’ve been on a few cities where I’ve never been before and we found some great spots. For example in Suceava City we skated the whole day in a really nice plaza full of rainbow ledges, perfect rails at the staris, gaps, everything. We even had approval to skate it and it was fun to see cops passing by and not saying anything to us, instead telling the citizens that we are aloud to skate in that day…”  Mihai Militaru  Continue reading

Super short Easter montage – Romania

“Easter came, so Adi and I decided to go skating after going to the church. Unfortunately, it seems that holidays do not make people more rollerblading-friendly and we pretty much got kicked out of every spot we tried skating. We first tried the Budapest (near Unirea) ledges. The police was kind enough to let me try a trick; after that, we drove to ASE (the university I go to) to catch some tricks on tape, just for the fun of it. After being kicked out of there too, we went to Herastrau skatepark and chilled with some friends for a little while and then we headed home. It was already 3,30 in the morning”

Hedon finger skates!

Check what we`ve got today in the mail! Hedonskate finger skates made by our friend from Romania, thx Toader!