Hedonskate Summer Tour Part 4: Real Street Berlin

Place: Berlin / Germany


  1. John Bolino
  2. Montre Livingstone
  3. Nils Jansons / Gagi

Bladers: John Bolino, Nils Jansons, Josh Glowicki, Montre Livingston, Tomek Przybylik, Jo Zenk, Eugen Enin, Gagi, Daniel Prell.

Filming: Przemek Madej, Dirk Oelmann, Igor Jovanovic

Edit: Przemek Madej

Music: Dilated People – World on Whells / Souls of Mischief – ’93 Till Infinity (KidLogic ’08 Till Remix)

Hedonskate Winners

Congratulations for Adam Zurawiecki (Hedonskate, USD, Kizer) for taking second place and Przemek Madej (Hedonskate, USD, Stygma) for taking third place on Coziefornia 2008 competition.

Also congratulations for Nils Jansons (Hedonskate, Remz, Match) for taking second place (final battle was between him and his brother) and winning best trick in Real Street Competition in Riga/Latvia. Check out some photo on therolling.lv (second gallery) website.

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