Hedonskate Team: Mihai Militaru in Greece

Quick recap from Mihai Militaru (Hedonskate) trip to Greece.
“One day I was in the skatepark and Moise Valentin asked me: “Hey, would you like to go to Geece? I`m going by car and I still have a free place – I was like – Yeah I want to come but im low with money. Having in mind only those sunny beaches and perfect clear water, i said: Yes, I’m coming!

Hedonskate Silesia Tour: Rider Check #3 – Moise Valentin


The second representant of Romania during Hedonskate Silesia Tour – Moise Valentin. Moise is taking care of Romanian branch of Hedonskate and was the main man behind the idea of last “We Tour” trip. Baloo will show you how to skate mini ramp like no one else! Moise is skating for Hedonskate, Razors and Jug. Check his last clips below.