5`er: Joey Egan

1. You have recently visited New York, right? How is the scene there comparing to the one in UK ? 

Joey Egan (Kaltik)

Yes, I was there for the GTK Tour – New York to San Diego in 10 days. The scene in New York is soo big – Ray Mendez, John Ortiz, Tom Hyser, Ryan Jacklone doing so much to support the younger in our sport by running skate schools – that’s how we grow!!!

Much the same for the UK as well. People like Scott Quinn, Jenna Downing holding it up for the UK kids scene both in their own ways. Whether it would be just hanging out and chat or at school and teaching – and that’s how it should be!

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Piotrek is testing new Kaltik frames!

Piotrek Combrzyński (Hedonskate, Razors, Jug) just got a new Kaltik Flat frames and is testing them out! Expect more info soon! Together with Jirka Tomasek (Hedonskate, Kaltik) and Przemek Górczyk (Hedonskate, Prime) Piotrek is our third team rider who is skating Kaltik hardware!

kaltik flat set-up stealth frame