5`er: Iain Mcleod

1. How the co-operation between you and Quinn went? Is it different to shoot with such gear and all that background preparation before each clip?

Iain Mcleod Pro Skate from Razors

Filming with Quinn was cool overall.  I have been friends with, and skated with Quinn for many years now, so Quinn knows my skating and what tricks I am capable of.  A lot of the tricks I was super lazy/unsure of attempting.  He would motivate me when needed to try them, so sometimes it helped in getting shit done I wouldn’t normally try.  It can be annoying sometimes having to wait to set-up so much equipment just for one clip.  A lot of times when I try a dangerous trick I just like to try it right away, commit 100% so I don’t have to keep trying it several times and end up dying.  Haha.  I don’t like waiting.  Also, I had a lot of the tricks planned out beforehand.  I would try to get juiced mentally to do a tricks in the car ride to the spot.  So, when you have to wait for a 20-30 minute set-up its difficult to wait.  The 2 examples of tricks I’m thinking of happened was the 180 roll-in trick, was filmed during a weekday at school so it was sketchy having all the people around.  Also, the top mistrial it was getting dark so I was stressing on filming it as quick as possible.  It’s also more pressure having a lot of set-up you feel like you have to lace your tricks I guess, so you don’t waste everyones time hah! Continue reading

Spotted: The 2013 Iain Mcleod Section

“…This was a project Iain and I spent 2 years working on and we are happy to present the finished product…”  - Quinn Feldman

Epic section of Iain Mcleod rockinge Hedonskate Tees. Thanks for support buddy!