Video: Tomek Przybylik 2014 Edit

Hedonskate team rider Tomek Przybylik (Poland) and his 2014 profile.

Edited by Straight From Here

Filmed by Straight From Here., Krystian Zarzeczny, Nils Jansons, Reinis Pētersons, Eugen Enin.

Team: Marcin Kopiec – USA Report #5 – Quick Clips

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“….The next day brought me, Richard and Derek Hallem to one of the most famous spot in San Diego – Chicano Park. Perfect ledges that I watched hundred times in videos – I was sooo happy to finally get a chance to skate them…”

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Working Crew: Tomasz Szymczyk 2014

Tomasz Szymczyk (Bladeville, IloveRolki) comes up with summary of his 2014 blade season – “What`s the deal with pornstar”. Edit by 

Team: Josh Glowicki Show Reel

Josh Glowicki (Hedonskate, Razors, Sic Urethane) put together 90 seconds of show tricks… his personal favorites over the past few years – enjoy!

Support: Igor Jovanovic – 2014 Profile

“….Complaining about hurting joints and getting too old to blade? Well, Igor Jovanovic will make you sound like a crybaby after you watch his latest edit for boot sponsor Valo. At age 40, Hedonskate‘s supporter shreds like there is no tomorrow, and proves once more than being good on blades has nothing to do with how old you are. So watch this one before you grow up too fast!

Team: Nils Jansons Defise 2014 Entry

Very last moments to vote on DeFise video contest for Nils Jansons video. Please head to and give a “VOTE FOR THIS”!

Working Crew: Sebastian Gruba – 2014 Edit

Sebastian Gruba (Hedonskate Staff) with his collection of clips stacked around 2014. Filmed around Poland and Barcelona.

Team: Fredrik Andersson – Wheel Scene Profile

We are honored to present our latest Wheel Scene profile featuring Sweden’s Fredrik Andersson. Fred has been going strong for a few years now and 2014 has been no different. He joined the Razors amateur team earlier this year and last month he received his first pro wheel from Sic Urethane. If he keeps going at this rate, we can only imagine what 2015 will bring!

Fred would like to thank Razors, Ground Control, Sic Urethane, Hedonskate, Zero One Six Skatepark and Shaped By The Cold for their support.