Hedonskate Events: Coziefornia 2012 (Poland) – Results

Coziefornia 2012 results:

1. Kacper Nosek
2. Tomasz Harendarz
3. Marcel Hemerling

1. Michał Szczyrbowski
2. Jacek Olewniczak
3. Sebastian Gruba (Hedonskate Working Crew)

1. Maxime Genoud (Rollerblade)
2. Tomasz Przybylik (Hedonskate, USD, Intruz)
3. Krystian Zarzeczny (Hedonskate, Razors, Intruz)

The event had to be stopped in the middle due to pouring rain. But since the eliminations consisted of three runs of each rider the judges could announce the results without conducting the finals. Thanks for everybody who came and took part! Let`s hope the Polish Rolling League Finals that are scheduled for 6th of October will have more pleasant forecasts!

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