Mats Kaarel-Ruus – Hawaii Trip – Update#1

What`s up guys, Mats-Kaarel Ruus signing in from Honolulu / Hawaii. Been here almost a week, having the time of my life – even getting my luggage 5 days too late didn’t hit me as hard as that kind of thing would in different part of world. Also being able to spend time with my girlfriend after being apart 2 months is cool.

Anyway, as I don’t want bore you with what I have been up to as being here, I’ll rather give some suggestions what to try while out here.

  1. Once again, If you are coming from other side of the world, the plane company’s might lose your luggage – happened to me!
  2. If you are a blader, definitely check out Hawaii Rollerbladers FB page & hit up Akari Ihara while coming down here.
  3. Chilling & sight seeing in weekdays, blading on weekends. Check out local Sunday sessions!
  4. If you come down to Hawaii, don’t spend all your time at Honolulu & Waikiki, check around the island, for example go and visit Hanama Bay or North Shore!
  5. If going down to some bladers place do have couple of beers get 40, I suggest Cobra, its hell of cheap!
  6. Hawaii is one of few states in US where its allowed to sit in car trunk while the car is driven.
  7. You definitely got to try out surfing while being here, start with the longer boards & while you get better move to shorter ones.

And thats pretty much whats up, next update in a week, signing out – Mats.