Hedonskating #2 in Berlin, Germany

Hedonskating #2, Berlin. Pariah DVD Premiere

Write-up by Dirk Oelmann, Jojo Jacobi, Basztin Takemura, Dominik Wagner & Bart Laubsch
Photography by Lukasz Siekanowicz

After my friends and colleagues from Hedonskate arrived late Friday evening we woke up to beautiful sunshine on a Saturday morning with a great weekend waiting for us. Instead of explaining step by step what went down during the weekend, I decided to ask Dominik Wagner, Jojo Jacobi, Bart Laubsch and Basza Takemura to write about some of their personal experiences from the event that was a beautiful weekend full of blading, good weather and friends!

Hedonskating #2, Berlin. Tim Wolf

Think about it! Sitting in a cinema, together with around 100 homies, watching a movie of your own choice and even having some of your friends appearing on the screen. I would like to call that remarkable and outstanding. Thanks to Hedonskate this is what happened in Berlin a few days ago and I really enjoyed the two premieres and of course also the exclusive blading session the day after. Thanks for a great weekend!

Jojo Jacobi

Hedonskating #2, Berlin. Jojo Jacobi

It was my turn a few minutes before the screening of my video ‘Dedicated’ to say some words and I got so damn nervous speaking in front of the audience. In the end it turned out to be good. I also enjoyed the good atmosphere, people were clapping hands, or screaming when they liked a trick and after each section people were cheering which made me very, very happy! It was also nice to see the cinema was packed and also a few visitors who didn’t blade came by to watch the video. All in all it was a very nice evening with friends and rollerblading!

Dirk Oelmann

Hedonskating #2, Berlin. Dirk Oelmann

The last weekend in Berlin was my second chance to skate this crazy city, yet actually the first one that I got to experience the vibe of rolling scene there. Skating spot to spot with guys like Dominik Wagner or Benny Harmanus was definitely something to remember. Some street skating during Saturday, followed by super chill and friendly Sunday session at Gagi’s slider bar with beers and lots of pedestrians who stopped to watch reminded me the good old days. Great people and an awesome atmosphere – I’m looking forward for the next session in Berlin!

Basztin Takemura

Hedonskating #2, Berlin. Basztin Takemura

The Polish invasion of Berlin aka good times! Once again the Hedonskate team came to our city to have a great weekend full of skating. I don’t think there is a better way to celebrate the beginning of spring, than having a nice street session in the sun, skating some new spots, cruising around and watching Berlin waking up from its deep winter sleep! To make it even better, everybody met up at night to watch ‘Dedicated’ and ‘Pariah’, two very sick skate flicks, in a movie theatre! Funny thing to watch was the way the whole group split up and disappeared in all directions, once the premiere was over, to have a party, cheap beers in a bar or just to find themselves a girl to spend the rest of the night with. Good thing was that we had the indoor Skate park all for ourselves the night afterwards to skate away our hang-overs and to wake up Monday morning feeling all sore just to make sure not to forget the great time we had to help us through another depressing week!

Dominik Wagner

Hedonskating #2, Berlin. Dominik Wagner

During the whole weekend people had set up skate sessions. Everyone who joined enjoyed it and I am pretty sure they had a good time. Saturday night we had a nice premiere in a cozy cinema in Kreuzberg. Both videos were great, you could feel the good vibe. That’s just how it is with a bunch of skater dudes and a couple of friends. Afterwards everyone spread out to find a great party that definitely was not a problem at all. Sunday was great to get over the hangover and when people didn’t made it because of that, they missed a pretty chill session.

Bart Laubsch


‘Dedicated’ by Dirk Oelmann

Source: Be-mag.com