Extreme sports movie projection

Flyer extreme The video projection consists in a selection of images shot in more than a year and a half all over Europe, edited in over 2 months of hard work. The projection features talented individuals like skaters, snowboarders, bboys or rollerbladers who are on top of their game in Romania, together with high class athletes from all over the world. And it’s all done out of pure passion for underground cultures and respect for the riders.

To give you a small hint about what you’re about to see, let me give you some names: Mihai Bivol, Cezar Iliescu, Mili, Madars Apse, Adrenalina, Chris Hafey, Bobo, Freakquency crew, Franky Morales, Boaz Aquino, Brian Aragon etc. We also covered footage from national and international events such as Red Bull Local Hero (skateboarding), Chaz Sands Invitational (5 star rolling event) or Barcelona Extreme Fest.

The core is a bit longer than half an hour of high quality edits produced especially for this event + bonus materials. We continue with not 1, but 3 DJ’s mixing all night your favourite party music, from funk to hip hop, old school house, dub & betweens. So come, have a drink with the riders featured in the movie projection, ask them questions, and spend some quality time together with your friends.
This is the first ever 360 event. We salute you with “peace” and see you on sunday at control.