Working Crew: Tomasz Szymczyk 2014

Tomasz Szymczyk (Bladeville, IloveRolki) comes up with summary of his 2014 blade season – “What`s the deal with pornstar”. Edit by 

Koval's AM Hour

Mateusz Kowalski

In 10th issue of One Magazine you can find Mateusz's Kowalski (Hedonskate, Ucon, Valo, Chimera, Vicious) AM Hour. Text by Tomasz Szymczyk & Sebastian Gruba (Hedonskate Working Crew) and photos by Kuba Urbanczyk. Too bad that somebody made a big mistake in the name of photographer and wrote: Koval Smietnik which means:
- Koval – Mateusz's Kowalski nickname
- Smietnik – in polish: trashcan

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