Hedonskate Silesia Tour Update#7 – Last Session

The last session of Hedonskate Silesia Tour was set for Tychy. First, a short warm-up at the local park, yet the bikers were so annoying that we left it pretty quick. We found a perfect ledge near by where Piotrek Combrzyński got great pic with his Bs Torq. Then we moved to another spot where Sebastian Gruba got some great shot for the calendar too. Overall the crew is slowly packing and most of the guys are leaving today. It was a really good week, thanks for everyone who came and contributed in any way! Expect an official edit from the whole tour upcomming weeks!

Hedonskate Silesia Tour Update#6

What a busy day! We have skated in three different cities today. Some good photo session session in Katowice – Jirka Tomasek, Kuba Olejarz and Mihai Militaru got really good pics for the upcoming Hedonskate 2011 calendar. Next we head to Jastrzębie – Nils killed it with crazy disaster hurricane Topsoul and Piotrek was getting some nice airs at the funbox. If that wasn`t enough straight after we went to Częstochowa where Mats Kareel-Ruus got some nice clips even though it was way to dark to skate – you can check the clips above. We can just speculate how much good skating would have gone down if the weather was just like today! Tomorrow it is the last day of the tour and we are going to visit Tychy for more sick blading!

Hedonskate Silesia Tour Update#5

Thursday – again rainy day, we decided to go to Wrocław for the second time. Surprisingly, when we were about 20 km before the city, the sun came up so we could hit the streets! We spent the most time at the ‘Shimy Yo’ spot – the spot made by local bmx-ers, skateaboarders and bladers – grindboxes, banks , training rails, whole bunch of different stuff which was good for filming some lines. Next we got to ‘Grunwald’ bridge with some sweet marble fountains – however it was so cold that nobody wanted to skate there, risking falling into the water. Moise Valentin was first to hit it with full speed Top Acid first try which got juiced Nils Jansons and Tomek Przybylik. Unfortunately, Tomek injured his knee there so we went to check some more ledges spot near by and eventually finish the session in the ‘Zajezdnia’ skatepark. Tomorrow we are going to Jastrzębie and Częstochowa!

Hedonskate Silesia Tour Update#4

Guess what? Another rainy day…the tour stop that we had planned had to be changed for some indoor park – today after spending some time at the Hedonskate headquarter on checking the new collection, we went to small park in Pszów. Although the park isn`t the dream one, it has a lot of movable obstacles and we tried to get the best of it. Jirka Tomasek and Kuba Olejarz had some fun on the high grindbox. Piotrek and Nils played around with three small boxes – check the preview clips to see what was going on. Again the whole team did a great job and Martins Jansons has even more clips for an official tour edit. Let`s hope tomorrow will bring some sun..if not we are heading for Wrocław again. Till next time!

Hedonskate Silesia Tour Update#3 – Kuba Olejarz

Today`s session in Wrocław`s Zajezdnia skatepark has been the most fruitful session of the tour so far. Piotrek Combrzyński, Krystian Zarzeczny and Radek Kojtych were killing the biggest funbox with all kind of flips leaving everybody with their jaws wide opened. Nils Jansons, Moise Valentin and Jirka Tomasek focused on the rainbow rail showing the locals how to deal with such obstacle with ease, while Przemek Madej kept shredding the ‘fortepiano grind box’. All the best tricks were captured by Martin`s Jansons cameras so you can be sure to see them all in upcoming official Tour edit, but for now check the short teaser of what went down that evening with focus on our Xsjado rider Kuba Olejarz. Tomorrow we are heading for another indoor park, the home town of Radek Kojtych – Pszów!

Hedonskate Silesia Tour Update#2 – Nils and Gufi

As it often happens, the weather wasn`t with us today so we had to change the spot of the second stop of Hedonskate Silesia Tour. We spent the day in Czeladź – a small indoor park which was dominated today by Nils Jansons (Hedonskate, Remz) and Krystian Zarzeczny (Hedonskate, Intruz, Razors). Make sure to check the clips! There was a nice rail near the skatepark which Nils decided to skate anyway even though it was raining!