PRL 2010 Final Ranking


Congrats to Hedonskate riders – Piotrek Combrzyński (Hedonskate, Razors) and Przemek Madej (Hedonskate, Conference, Skullcandy)for taking the podium and top 3 of Polish Rolling League 2010!! Full edit and a photo coverage soon!

Final results of PRL 2010:

1. Piotrek Combrzyński (Hedonskate) – Polish Champion 2010
2. Łukasz Malewski (Popacid)
3. Przemek Madej (Hedonskate)

Hedonskate Silesia Tour Update#7 – Last Session

The last session of Hedonskate Silesia Tour was set for Tychy. First, a short warm-up at the local park, yet the bikers were so annoying that we left it pretty quick. We found a perfect ledge near by where Piotrek Combrzyński got great pic with his Bs Torq. Then we moved to another spot where Sebastian Gruba got some great shot for the calendar too. Overall the crew is slowly packing and most of the guys are leaving today. It was a really good week, thanks for everyone who came and contributed in any way! Expect an official edit from the whole tour upcomming weeks!

Przemek Madej – East Side Jam III

Few photos of Przemek Madej (Hedonskate, Skullcandy, Intruz, Conference) taken during East Side Jam III, where Przemek took 2nd place overall, and also won the : “King of the spot” title on the final rail spot.