Trip to Winterclash 2012

5 days trip to Netherlands/Eindhoven, some street and Area 51 skatepark skating.

Filming: Mats-Kaarel Ruus, Evert Lubja, Rene Lutterus.
Edited: Rene Lutterus
Riders: Sander Saard, Mats-Kaarel Ruus, Evert Lubja, Rene Lutterus, Indrek Uibo, Siim Medijainen, Josh Glowicki, Kaili Randmäe and more.

Mats at Finnish Championships – Update#2

Drugi update z wyjazdu Mats`s Kaarel-Ruusa (Hedonskate, Razors) do Finlandii. Gratulujemy zajęcia 2-go miejsca!

„Saturday we woke up quite early at Harles place. Ate breakfast & after that all systems where GO! Trip started with bus ride & then ride with Metro. We decided to try our luck & save some money, conclusion – Karma’s a bitch – me & Evert both got a 80.- € fine with not having a ticket 8 a clock on morning. The rest of the way from Helsinki to Seinäjoe passed quietly. Competition went down as a nice session with Harle taking 1st, me 2nd, Tuomas Linna & Joona Julin sharing 3rd and Evert was 5th. Event was followed by crazy after party what started for us with Jack & cola + some monster. Way back on Sunday was even more peaceful then the trip to Seinäjoe, everyone except the driver was sleeping. The only interesting thing on Sunday was the discovery that all my non-skating footage & pictures where gotten deleted somehow, so for the live update we got do to with still shots!”

Mats na mistrzostwach Finlandii – Update#1

Trochę fotek oraz mały edit Matsa Kaarel-Ruusa (Hedonskate, Razors) z jego weekendowego tripu na mistrzostwa Finlandii. Enjoy!

„My day started with picking up my new skates from UPS on morning. After that i met up with Evert Lubja & we did catch a boat to Helsinki. It was a longer boat ride then usual (3,5h) so we had time to fix up our skates & also I did edit for Estonian Rolling Community site from thursday leftovers. When we got to Helsinki, we met up with Lauri Harle (Remz), droped our stuff to his place & left to Kontula skatehall. Short session, back to Harles place, dinner & now getting ready for tomorrow.”