Mistrzejowice Cup – Gallery

Mistrzejowice Cup

Inmag.info posted a gallery from the last weekend contest – Mistrzejowice Cup. Check the article and the photos by Wojciech Makula.

Koval on Tour #6 – Busted!

Today`s wasn`t so lucky for Mateusz Kowalski (Hedonskate, USD, TheHive) who is currently on tour in Kiev (Ukraine). If it`s not the rain, then the security threw the guys out every spot they visited… no clips today.

Koval on Tour #5 – Kiev

Just look at these spots!! Kiev is full of perfect marble ledges. Mateusz Kowalski (Hedonskate, USD, TheHive) warming up before lacing some tricks!

Koval on Tour #3 – Harkov

Mateusz Kowalski (Hedonskate, TheHive, USD) continues his journey through Ukraine. The latest stop is Harkov – check the pic (Ao wallride to cab Darkside Backslide) which will be used in his newest video profile!

Koval on Tour #2 – Odessa

Mateusz Kowalski (Hedonskate, TheHive, USD) reached Oddesa. Besides filming Koval is doing demos at local parks and judging the contests every weekend within the Pringles Tour event. Stay tuned!