Team: Josh Glowicki Show Reel

Josh Glowicki (Hedonskate, Razors, Sic Urethane) put together 90 seconds of show tricks… his personal favorites over the past few years – enjoy!

Team: Josh Glowicki – Malaga Days

For the first time since Anthony Medina’s “Dag Days” in 2012, Josh and Ant were able to work on an edit together while living in Malaga, Spain. Though Ant has since returned home while Glow remains living in Malaga, the two spent a very productive month together to make this edit happen. Enjoy.

Film/Edit: Anthony Medina
Additional Filming: Aritz Ortega & Fredrik Anderrson

SONG: Gil Scott-Heron – Me and the Devil

Media: Shred Cologne on TV, featuring Hedonskate riders

WDR (German TV) did a nice coverage of Shred Cologne event, featuring our riders Grażyna Wratny and Josh Glowicki. Check the link to watch the whole video.

ONE Blademag: Hedonskate Shop Check

“….After six months we can easily say that our expansion is going well. There’s been tons of positive feedback from German customers. There is still much to be done, yet I think we managed to put some life into Berlin’s blading community by organizing the few Hedonskating sessions, hosting the Pariah DVD premiere, the Real Street Berlin contest, etc… ” 

Read more on ONE Blademag in out featured “Shop Check” article!


Hedonskate Spotted: Dag Days Promos


The first in a series of promos for Dag Days DVD. This short promo features some footage from Josh’s Glowicki  and Fritz`s Peitzner section along with some unused clips. Both guys rocking Hedonskate gear!

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Hedonskate Summer Tour Part 2: Katowice/Poland

Place: PTG / Katowice / Poland

Bladers: John Bolino, Montre Livingston, Nils Jansons, Fredrik Andersson, Josh Glowicki, Toms Krasovskis, Przemek Madej, Igor Jovanovic, Krystian Zarzeczny, Tomek Przybylik, Marcin Kopiec.

Film: Przemek Madej, Fredrik Andersson, Josh Glowicki, Igor Jovanovic.

Edit: Przemek Madej

Music: N.E.R.D. – Spaz