5`er: Sebastian Michalski (NYC)

1. I come across your edit on IrollNY and it immediately caught my attention – tell us few words about yourself, have you ever lived in Poland and moved to USA or you just have polish roots?

My name is Sebastian Michalski, I’m 24 years old, live in Staten Island, New York, have been skating for 12 years and most of them on USD Thrones. I was born in Jaslo, Poland and lived there for about 8 years before moving to the United States. Continue reading

Events: “Wymiatacze” premiere

“Wymiatacze” is the second full video that covers polish blade scene in 2013 (Surf City South was the other one, released few weeks before). The premiere went off last weekend in Chorzów, following the Blade Jam contest earlier that day. The video is now online so make sure to check it out together with the gallery by Wojciech Makula.