Hedonskate Spotted: Trashmix`s Mix!

034 Crew and some guest clips of many other great dudes from Poland and UK in summary of Trashmix Media by Artur Szymocha.

Grzegorz Dziadosz
Grzegosz Szczypior
Lucas Equi
Artur Szymocha
Luciano Moreira
Diogo Atadini
Bartek Zgrzeblak
Michal Wojnowski
Leon Purdey
Martin Weissenstein

Hedonskate Spotted: USD in California

The newest edit from USD featuring Demetrios George, Montre Livingstone, Franky Morales, Jeff Dalnas, Nick Lomax, Anthony Williams, Jeremy Soderburg & Elliot Stevens. Filmed by Matt Wacky in California.

Montre Livingstone is repping Hedonskate Stretch Jeans! Thanks for support dude!

Hedonskate Spotted: ODNY Running Trains

Andrzej Bonder still making some moves in New York! Check the edit featuring some clips of Andrzej repping Hedonskate Stretch Jeans.

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Hedonskate Spotted: NYC Invitational 2012

Our friend Andrzej Bonder (currently residing in USA) attended the NYC Invitational 2012 Comp, repping Hedonskate Mad Dog Tee. Thanks for support!

Hedonskate Spotted: Neue – Full Russian Online Video

Neue – the newest online video from Russia features few clips of Piotrek Combrzyński (Hedonskate, Razors). This video is a project implemented by a group of like-minded people and it offers a look at rollerblading through the prism of the director’s perception of Rodion Korneev.

Filmed in the following cities: Moscow, Kiev, Krasnoyarsk, Magnitogorsk, Tyumen, Perm, Sergiev Posad, Almaty, Barcelona, the video contains sections of Dmitriy Tipikin, Kirill Galushko, Grisha Mikhalitsyn, Arseniy Svinarenko and Andrey Zaytsev.

ONE Blademag: Hedonskate Shop Check

“….After six months we can easily say that our expansion is going well. There’s been tons of positive feedback from German customers. There is still much to be done, yet I think we managed to put some life into Berlin’s blading community by organizing the few Hedonskating sessions, hosting the Pariah DVD premiere, the Real Street Berlin contest, etc… “ 

Read more on ONE Blademag in out featured “Shop Check” article!


Hedonskate Spotted: Dag Days Promos


The first in a series of promos for Dag Days DVD. This short promo features some footage from Josh’s Glowicki  and Fritz`s Peitzner section along with some unused clips. Both guys rocking Hedonskate gear!

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Hedonskate Spotted: Powerslide Poland Team

Our good buddies from Powerslide Poland – Angelika Prucnal and Izabela Bednarka won the Contest of Young Talents in Rzeszów weraing our Hedonskate Tees! Congrats!