Working Crew: Tomasz Szymczyk 2014

Tomasz Szymczyk (Bladeville, IloveRolki) comes up with summary of his 2014 blade season – “What`s the deal with pornstar”. Edit by 

Working Crew: Sebastian Gruba – 2014 Edit

Sebastian Gruba (Hedonskate Staff) with his collection of clips stacked around 2014. Filmed around Poland and Barcelona.

Working Crew: Jojo Jacobi on board!

“… There are always people that act differently and take a step away from the masses. Many do it in a bad way, but there are a few who do so impressively, even if it may not be directly beneficial to themselves. Everyone had one of these guys back at school, the kind of classmate who wanted to be headboy and would fight for three years to get a coffee dispenser, even though he never drank coffee. Jojo Jacobi – a guy who has been through high and lows, all in the name of rollerblading…”    (Quote by Alex Schneider)

It’s a high time we make an official announcement! Hedonskate is proud to add Mr. Winterclash aka Jojo Jacobi to our Working Crew! From now on Jojo Jacobi will be the Hedonskate Germany manager. We are super stoked to have Jojo on board and hope all our supporters are the same way! Watch out for the good things in future!

Hedonskate Working Crew: Dirk Oelmann parts ways with Hedonskate

Dirk Oelmann – our good friend from Berlin who has functioned as a Hedonskate Germany manager for the last year will be no longer holding this post. Dirk decided to pursue his own goals and career as a fashion designer so we would like to wish him good luck and all the best with his venture! Thanks again for the good times, effort and all the hard work!

At the same time we are happy to announce that later this week we will introduce our new partner who will take care of Hedonskate Germany in future! Get ready for a nice surprise!

Hedonskate Team: PRL 2012 Results!

Polish Rolling League 2012 series is finished! With the final event in Rzeszów last weekend, the competition between best polish riders has come to an end. Bladers from all over the country fought through 11 events, collecting points in three categories (Junior, Senior, Master).

Hedonskate is proud to announce that the official Polish Champion of 2012 is our rider Tomek Przybylik (USD, Intruz), the second place and the title of vice-champion went to Krystian Zarzeczny (Razors, Intruz). Huge props guys! Also check the other Hedonskate crew results:

  • Przemek Madej – 4th place (Master)
  • Łukasz Malewski – 8th place (Master)
  • Radek Kojtych – 11th (Master)
  • Kuba Olejarz – 15th (Master)
  • Mirek Ragan – 21st (Master)
  • Grażyna Wratny – 22th (Masters)
  • Sebastian Gruba – 2nd (Senior)
  • Tomasz Szymczyk – 16th (Senior)

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