5`er: Lukas Sladek

1. Please introduce yourself, how long have you been skating, what are your influences?

Hi, my name is Lukas Sladek, I am from Slovak republic, but I live in Prague (Czech republic).I started to skate when I was 12 and now I am 29 years old. My favorite skaters: Dustin Latimer, Aaron Feinberg, Chris Farmer, Richie Eisler, Oli Short,…

2. When did you come up with the idea of Fast Convertible Frames? What was the main factor to start the project?

I got the first idea of Fast Convertible Frames at my previous work cca 8 months ago. The main factor to start the project was probably U.F.S., because it is not the best solution for riders who prefer skating with more types of frames…

3. Have anyone responded to your first promo video – can we expect the final product to be released soon?

Yes, I got a lot of emails, reactions, offers,… I found the investors from U.S.A. and we are working hard to start manufacturing. I hope that it will start soon because there are some difficulties…For production of my frames we can not use the same technology
that is used for production of other frames…

4. What is the height of the powerblade frame models – could you give some more specifications of final designs (max size of wheels)?

I designed my pb frame for 72mm wheels (max. size) and they will be higher for 5mm like others…


  • classic pb frame: 72mm wheel + 1mm space = 73mm
  • my pb frame: 72mm wheel + 1mm space + extra 5mm = 78mm

Some people told me that it is a lot if you have 5mm extra, but it is a lot if you are for example a professional fitness rider, however, I created my frames primary for aggressive riders! For me (an aggressive rider) it is almost the same feeling…

5. Since Your system will fit only the frames of your design it means that people who have already their favorite frame manufacturer will have to switch – what are the best features of your Aggressive model (material used, shape of the groove, maybe some rockering options?)

Material will be probably the same or similar like Create Originals frames, but the groove will be really bigger! There will be also possible to skate them with or without grind wheels or with classic 8 wheels setup. (4 or 8 wheels max. size 60mm)