5`er: Scott Quinn

1. What’s the deal with Rollkings.com – is it a shop, crew, company? Are you behind it ?

Yea Rollkings.com is an online shop, I have worked closely with the owner Stu Kinghorn over the years helping to organised events and push Scottish rollerblading in the right direction.

Scott Quinn (Razors)

2. Tell us more about the Unit 23 park, I guess it has been upgraded lately? How was the Unit 23 Open contest?

Unit 23 is my home and hangout spot, it is forever evolving and getting bigger and better, would strongly advise anyone that hasn’t been to come pay us a visit the Unit 23 Open was amazing this year, so happy with how it went and by far the best open comp so far. Already making big plans for next year!

3. What can you say about the current state of your blade scene in Glasgow and in UK in general? Do you see kids getting into it?

The Scene here is amazing, I teach kids every weekend at Unit 23, on average there are 30 kids that turn up and always new faces coming through the door, The Razors Unit 23 Under’s competition always proves how strong the next generation will be over here. over all the UK is awesome for blading, you will always find rollerbladers no matter what town/city your in. the whole scene is unified and has a great vibe to it.

4. Who is the best up-and-comer from your country right now, is there anybody that people should watch for?

I would have to say Dom Bruce from Aberdeen, always enjoy watching him blade, but there is another Unit 23 local, Chris Brass who has been on a war path since I taught him to drop in 3 years ago, still only at the age of 15 he is defo one to watch out for!

5. Your best Ghetto Games 2013 memory?

Skating in front of an awesome crowd that buzz of blading along side my favourite people, And of course turning up at an after party that turns out to be in a water park!