Hedonskate Silesia Tour Update#5

Thursday – again rainy day, we decided to go to Wrocław for the second time. Surprisingly, when we were about 20 km before the city, the sun came up so we could hit the streets! We spent the most time at the ‘Shimy Yo’ spot – the spot made by local bmx-ers, skateaboarders and bladers – grindboxes, banks , training rails, whole bunch of different stuff which was good for filming some lines. Next we got to ‘Grunwald’ bridge with some sweet marble fountains – however it was so cold that nobody wanted to skate there, risking falling into the water. Moise Valentin was first to hit it with full speed Top Acid first try which got juiced Nils Jansons and Tomek Przybylik. Unfortunately, Tomek injured his knee there so we went to check some more ledges spot near by and eventually finish the session in the ‘Zajezdnia’ skatepark. Tomorrow we are going to Jastrzębie and Częstochowa!