5`er: Sebastian Michalski (NYC)

1. I come across your edit on IrollNY and it immediately caught my attention – tell us few words about yourself, have you ever lived in Poland and moved to USA or you just have polish roots?

My name is Sebastian Michalski, I’m 24 years old, live in Staten Island, New York, have been skating for 12 years and most of them on USD Thrones. I was born in Jaslo, Poland and lived there for about 8 years before moving to the United States. Continue reading

Spotted: Kirill Kochetkov – CIRCOLO support edit

Kirill is riding the Blood Red Omar Wysong Circolo Pro Wheel and wearing Hedonskate Classic tee. Production by Nurtai Syzdykov (SibSub Team, Tyumen City, Russia). Thanks for support!

Team: Jan Welch visiting!

Straight after Winterclash, Jan Welch visited Poland for a few days to film for his new video project. Łukasz Malewski (Hedonskate, Xsjado, TheHive) and Tomek Przybylik (Hedonskate, Intruz, Orion) took care of the the proper amount of good clips! Check the pics by Wojciech Makula.