Team: Marcin Kopiec – USA Report #6 – SD Posse

“…It`s been almost 2 weeks since I arrived to San Diego. After I met a NYC policeman who blades I though nothing will surprise me – I was wrong…One of the SD local who approached me few days after my arrival was Darron Wilkerson. It turned out, this always smiling guy is a professional soldier of US Navy. He stationed in Europe for 2 years and got a chance to visit Poland. Darron works on night shifts yet it seems like it doesn`t affect his skating at all – he still goes out and blades everyday…”

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Team: Marcin Kopiec – USA Report #3 – Bladers are everywhere!

“…Few days ago, when I was standing in a queue at some China Town restaurant this policeman approached me and asked if the skates I was holding were the new Franky`s USDs. I was positively  shocked to hear that the guy has been blading for 15 years!! We chat a little bit about the local scene and spots – it turned out that he is familiar with Hedonskate and he never gives tickets for street blading!…”

Working Crew: Tomasz Szymczyk 2014

Tomasz Szymczyk (Bladeville, IloveRolki) comes up with summary of his 2014 blade season – “What`s the deal with pornstar”. Edit by 

Team: Josh Glowicki Show Reel

Josh Glowicki (Hedonskate, Razors, Sic Urethane) put together 90 seconds of show tricks… his personal favorites over the past few years – enjoy!

Support: Igor Jovanovic – 2014 Profile

“….Complaining about hurting joints and getting too old to blade? Well, Igor Jovanovic will make you sound like a crybaby after you watch his latest edit for boot sponsor Valo. At age 40, Hedonskate‘s supporter shreds like there is no tomorrow, and proves once more than being good on blades has nothing to do with how old you are. So watch this one before you grow up too fast!